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Quietier Phish 2015


Trey Anastasio Talks Halloween & Quietier Phish 2015

Trey Anastasio spoke with Jeremy Goodwin of the Boston Globe for a just-published feature on the Phish front man and the New Jersey native shared a number of interesting tidbits about the band’s Chilling, Thrilling Halloween show and what’s ahead for 2015.

Anastasio told Goodwin that he’ll be off the road through Phish Summer Tour 2015 after the Vermonters’ upcoming New Year’s Run in Miami. “Next year will be a ‘quieter’ year for the band with fewer concerts, he says. But this winter he’ll release a new solo album, have a writing retreat with [Phish lyricist Tom] Marshall, and perhaps get together with Phish to hang out and maybe work on new material,” Goodwin wrote.

The guitarist also shared the only comments to date from the members of Phish since the band performed the highly-lauded Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House Halloween performance in Las Vegas. Anastasio revealed that the idea came together as the band flew out to the Labor Day Weekend shows in Denver. Over the summer, when asked by one of his daughters about what Phish had planned for Halloween, he told her they might just play a regular show. Trey told Goodwin what happened next, “They both looked at me and were like: What? You are so lame! They were just in my face about the whole thing. I think right then was when the idea sprung up.” Another piece of news in the Globe feature is that the Chilling, Thrilling songs “will enter Phish’s repertoire.”

Anastasio expressed much excitement about the current state of Phish. “I feel like it’s as creative a moment in Phish’s history as it’s ever been. We did so much forward motion this year, I think we rediscovered each other. The scene used to be so massive. Now we spend our time alone with the four band members together, and look what’s happening. That’s the way it always was, like, in ’94 and ’97,” Trey exclaimed. In a final piece of good news, Trey added, “I really wanted to write some new music and kind of move forward with, as weird as this sounds, an eye on 2030.”

Tonight, Trey Anastasio and TAB play Stage AE in Pittsburgh. Here’s what went down at Friday night’s TAB Fall Tour opener in Chicago. Head to to read Goodwin’s entire feature on Trey Anastasio, which includes quotes from Tom Marshall, Phish bassist Mike Gordon and longtime Anastasio collaborator Don Hart.