Phish Bits

We Made it on TV!!

It’s hard to believe but as I was watching the NYE broadcast with friends and family, I just happened to glance at the TV (mind you only me and my kids are phans). Martian Monster was playing and I looked up and there is was, the back of my Las Vegas 2014 shirt “Your Trip is Short” in living color! Needless to say I screamed like a little kid and then it was gone. So I was able to rewind my livecast and replay the clip and video record my TV.

Thank you to Kirsten Stuck for not only taking the shirt to Miami, but for showing it like a poster and getting the attention of the film crew. 

Phellow phan Kari Hood messaged me and said “I was right behind [Kristen] all night.  Trey saw the shirt when she held it up and he smiled a big ole smile!”